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A new year with new Bernina sewing machines, new classes, and new fabrics. Just think of all the possibilities.

Let your creativity run wild with Bernina's sewing machines and accessories. The possibilities are endless!
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 Bernina 880
Bernina Q20 and Q24 Bernina's first longarm quilting machine with 20" and 24" of perfect quilting space from the needle to the back of the machine.

Just In.....

Tilda's Beautiful New

Tilda's fabric lines are from Norway, and only printed once. Please shop early to avoid being dissapointed.

Lemon Tree Collection

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Tula Pink All Stars Collection

Happy to say we are featured in the new Spring 2016 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread, with the article written by my daughter Katie. Check out my new project of "Strippy Placemats" and Chair Back Covers. You can pick up this issue at our shop,at Chapters or online at www.ANPTmag.com.

   Kaffe Artisan in Reds and Pastels!!!

Kleo my friend and I fell out,

and what do you think it was all about?
She likes Reds, but it's Pastels for me,
And that is the reason we couldn't agree.

Kaffe Fasset New Artisan in Reds

Kaffe Fasset New Artisan in Pastels

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